Welcome to my place in space!

You have just come to the right place! I will show you a little about what I like to do. And. I like to do lot´s of different things! I like to write stories, novels, and causeries. I like to play instruments and sing, and compose music. I like to draw – in particular pointillism but even pencil drawing. I like photographing. You can sum it up with the fact that I enjoy creating, being creative – and the challenge to challenging thought activities.

I am always curious. I want to know how thing works. And I want to learn to do things on my own!

Visit my pages:

  • my story: who am I…?!
  • my writing: The challenge to put letters together and make a story, or a poem.
  • my creativity: I like to create. I like to use my hands, and all my senses, to design and create.
  • my music: I love music! I play some different instruments, I sing, and I compose. When Im not listening to music, of course!
  • my photos: One of my interests is to take photos.