• ...inside and out

    What friends are for

    …about friends. It’s not something new coming through my mind. It’s very important for all of us, I think. Friends.

    What would you be without friends?

    Sometimes you need time alone. But all the other time, you probably want company in some way.

    And then. The big question.

    What are friends for…???

    If someone means a lot to me, I hope I can be there if my friends need me. Whatever the reason might be.

    That’s what friends are for!

    I have a few friends that I’m sure will do the same for me.

    I’m greatful that you are there. I would not be able to manage everything on my own. You are very important in my life.

  • ...inside and out

    Relationships, by the way…

    I do wonder if all the things that I miss so much as a single, if couples do all those things. I mean, if they don’t, what’s the purpose, then?! Not being single, somehow.

    I long for the moments sitting down with a cup of tea and make reflections from the passed day out there.

    I long for the moments sharing some good funny jokes.

    I long for the moments just holding each other hands. And fiddle each other toes sitting in the sofa.

    And, perhaps there’s several other moments I do long for. It can be good sometime to have someone to argue and quarrel with…:-) And let someone else make the dishes!