• ...inside and out

    Listen to your soul

    Annoying. Brutally annoying.

    Something is sitting on my shoulder close to my ear trying to take my attention whether I like it or not. Just doing it without asking for my permission.

    That ”something” – annoying SOMETHING! – try to say something. Well, as you probably has figure it out is that something not just trying. That something is DOING it.

    I say it like that, because I try not to listen, try not to notice it… those words.

    Those few words…

    ”Listen to your soul”

    Just that. Just those words. Just as simple as that.

    Again and again and again. Like an echo inside my eardrum.

    ”Listen to your soul… listen to your soul… listen to your soul… listen to your soul… listen to your soul… listen to your soul……..”

    Like that, that annoying SOMETHING sit on my shoulder making this nagging thing. Right in to my eardrum.

    Right in to my soul. So to speak.

    Like… The mirror that shows the shadow of your footsteps. But you can’t run away from yourself, can you? And, you cant run away from your soul, either… right?

    Listen to your soul.

    Don’t just sell it for a penny…

  • ...inside and out

    Happy New 2014 !

    It’s time to sum up the passed year. The year 2013.

    The question is… what is, what was… important enough to mention???

    I have promised myself a few things.

    Because… This is the year before next year and next year – 2015 – is the year when Im going to celebrate my 50th birthday.

    Just because.

    One of those promises is – to live. Live the LIFE. My life.

    Hope everyone does. Live their lives.