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    My beautiful butterfly 🦋

    …It’s ok if you want to fly your own way if you want to make your own wind. An almost unnoticed breeze in the morning fog the first rays of sunshine make your colors dazzling – red, purple, black, and yellow. Dance, my beautiful butterfly, dance! Do a piruette! And a loop! Make your own wind, make the music of the breeze and of the storm, let your wings be filled with the wind, and aim at the stars and catch the universe. And then. Search your way back and take a break. Take a rest. Don’t worry. I’ll be here. Always.   mum 🌷

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    Why pretending…

    …that you mean something else? Why not just be, and accept that this is it. Don´t care about all the others, they might not exist. Why pretend, when you can feel the reelness? There is no need for pretending. Your heart is crying, so why pretend something else? This is it, you know. This is it. This. Is. It.

  • 1825 dagar. Skuldsanering.

    1825 dagar: Dag 2

    …eller…fem år plus en svans på tre år… Lennart Lidsten som förskingrade över 60 miljoner kronor för flera privata bostadsrättsföreningar fick det längsta straffet i svensk brottshistorik för ett ekonomiskt brott. Han fick sex år. Tror han kom ut efter runt fyra år.  Ni vet, gott uppförande och så vidare. Jag bodde i en av bostadsrättsföreningarna. Jakobsberg. Hammarvägen.  År 2008. Slutet på maj månad. Alingsås pastorat klantade sig med utbetalningen av min lön och gav mig 3500 kr för lite. Innan dom trodde på mig, och redde ut saken, hade det hunnit gå över tre månader, och CSN hade hunnit skicka sitt krav till Kronofogden. 3500 kr var hela utrymmet…

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    As much as you need

    I wish… …that I could take my sisters hand and go out and make snowangels in the snow. She is better but every step takes time. There is no snow. My wish is like a symbol. Christmas Eve, tomorrow.  Since a year I’ve been working away from home. It took a while to make my appartment ready for Christmas.  I put my two clocks back on their places on the walls. Neither of them works.  I haven’t change batteries. The time that not change is like a symbol. The big table is ready for the big dinner. The red cloth on the table and all the chairs seem to stand…

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    Bland vita sjukhusrockar och sprutor

    Min syster är lite fåfäng.  Det är viktigt med frisyren, med kläder, med naglar och smink.  Men det är viktigt på ett trevligt sätt.  Min storasyster är ett år äldre än mig. Den förstfödde av fyra syskon. Min storasyster är alltså nummer ett. Jag är nummer två. Min storasyster hade alltid den förstföddes åsiktsrätt och det var bara att lyda. Typ. När min syster var 12 och gick i sexan var det skitballt att börja röka. Så det gjorde hon, tillsammans med sina tjejkompisar. I nästan 40 år har hon rökt. I USA kan man stämma cigarettfabrikanterna. Men inte i Sverige. Man får stilla beskåda den åverkan rökningen utsätter henne…

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    I should have done…….

    A brutal reminder of how quickly life can change. And, the words….. “I should have….” “I should have……” “I should have……” There is soooo many things, that I should have done, that I didn’t done, while there was time. And even if it’s like that, always, when things like this happen, I still remind my self. I should have done… Now it’s a big question if my sister will be able to talk again. Will be able to eat, move… There is a quiet question in her eyes. But you don’t know the question. There is a quiet scream on her lips. Which land brutally in my heart. I should…

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    I wonder. How is the place of nothingness. Is there silence. Is there air. Does your heart beat. Is there any thoughts. Does your brain create any thoughts. Hovering just around as a spirit. Can you tell me???

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    If..! (Jean Michel Jarre)

    I like to talk somewhere no one can hear us in I built the wall safe and sound, safe and sound No distractions, interactions Here we are, together and face to face (Face to face) No escaping, concentrating Yeah. it’s hard when you’re never gonna beat the race And if, if we had the time And nothing on our minds Would you run away with me? If, if we had the time And nothing on our minds Would you run away with me? We’re too busy, busy, busy, busy Busy saying nothing So busy, busy, busy, busy Busy saying nothing And if, if we had the time And nothing on…

  • The Journey April 2016

    Day 3, 10th April

    Sunday. It was really nice to get a nice sleep! We nearly overslept… So we need tu hurry for breakfast. It’s always exciting to see what that will be like. And this became a very good surprise! It was more like a very big lunchbuffet. Different ”corners” – Japanese food, yogurt corner, bread corner, fruit corner, Thai corner, seafood corner… And so on. Wow. They fried the eggs while you asked for them! They made all food like that, you asked for it and then they made it. Nice! So, it was really your own problem if you walked from there like hungry! After that great breakfast we went down…