• The Journey April 2016

    Day 2, 9th April.

    Bangkok. We arrived to Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok about 10:30, after three different aircrafts and three different airports. Landvetter is Landvetter. Not much to say, think it’s a god and ok airport. Anyway – the first part on our trip to Bangkok, there we were, on our way! A little unreal. Soon we landed in Berlin. Berlin Tegel, became a dissapointment – a boring place. We were shopping to the last minute not realizing the time, and had to run to the gate. And forgot to take away our water bottles. The guy at the security control, took my bottle, held it up in the air, and asked me…

  • ...inside and out

    If you not have lived my life you know nothing

    I like taking me out on a thin film of ice without being able to see what’s underneath, and I know that the sun shines from a clear blue sky ought to warm up but it doesn’t and if I think another thought, the ice will crack.   Laglöst land (Nordman) Som en varg I ett laglöst land när vintern närmat sig springer jag med fara för mitt liv Jag har inte lust att dö för en längtan som gör ont men det är för sent att stanna när jag hunnit ända hit Så jag följer ändå den väg jag valt och lämnar inga spår för blodet där jag gått…

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    One moment in space

    One moment in space can be a whole life or just one moment thousand light-years long or one thousandth of a second short   One word in space can be a whole encyclopedia or just one word thousand light-years long or one thousandth of a second short   One thought in space can be a whole universe or just one thought thousand light-years long or one thousandth of a second short

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    Not even three and a half kilo

    A well-shaped girl. Ten toes, ten fingers. She fills her lungs with air and let the world know that now she is here. At least in the small town Avesta. The mother and father give her the name Mai Elisabeth Ingrid. If Ingrid that day would have been possible to choose  if she really should take the step into that life that waited for her, she maybe would have screamed NO NO NO. Luckily you don’t know . Then. You fill your lungs with air because that’s what you supposed to do. And even if it had been like you could have known, what could a newborn child have done?…

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    Early spring

    Marsch 16, 1965. You can imagine that the snow just has melted away, or maybe there is some snow heaps left here and there as traces of the snow plow. A gentle spring rain enhances the aromas and one can hear birds chirping among the birch trunks. It drops from the icicles that not have melted completely. In one of the rooms in the maternity ward at Avesta hospital. The mother will give birth to her second child and it will be a doughter. The second doughter. The mother is not yet twenty years old, but soon. The father has just turned twentyseven. The first doughter has just passed her…

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    Ett oskrivet blad

    Allting börjar på något vis någonstans vid någon tidpunkt. Det handlar bara om vad det är man vet, om allting. Det börjar någon gång men det tar aldrig slut. För vem skulle bestämma när och hur det tar slut? Hela tiden händer det något nytt. Något ytterligare. Som förlänger. Som utökar. Som tillför. När jag dör så tar MITT liv slut, men allting utanför och runtomkring fortsätter. Det som jag vet något om, började någon gång i Ungern och någon gång i Sverige. Man kan säga att det är den början som jag vet om. Ändå är det inte så värst mycket jag vet om att jag vet, om allt…