Day 2, 9th April.


We arrived to Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok about 10:30, after three different aircrafts and three different airports.

Landvetter is Landvetter. Not much to say, think it’s a god and ok airport. Anyway – the first part on our trip to Bangkok, there we were, on our way! A little unreal.

Soon we landed in Berlin.

Berlin Tegel, became a dissapointment – a boring place. We were shopping to the last minute not realizing the time, and had to run to the gate. And forgot to take away our water bottles. The guy at the security control, took my bottle, held it up in the air, and asked me – Is this a bottle? His English wasnt that clear and easy to understand. – Is this a bottle? he asked us three times I think. – Yes it is, I answered him. Of Course. – Are you allowed to take a bottle with water with you? he asked. – No Im not, I answered ? Then a female guard asked me if I wanted to drink it up, and then I did that. I can still hear him in my head: – Is this a bottle?!……. Hahaha ?

We were lucky to get four seats, the two ones closest to us was avaliable. So if we wanted, we could lay down and take a nap.

From Berlin to Abu Dhabi. Berlin Tegel was a dissapointment compared to – Abu Dhabi. A really nice airport. Very big. Hi tech. We walked around and then we stopped for a meal before the next flight.

It was a little confusing with the time offset, but I think it was just positive because the last flight didn’t felt that lång as we thought IT should. We had a very noicy group of arabs in front of us so it was quite difficult to relax. And they were very rude to the staff.

It was a very nice feeling to arrive to Bangkok and leave the aircraft. We got our stuff and then we walked to exit nr 5, and there a driver from our hotel waited. He should hade taken us for a round trip, but I think that if you go straight and directly to the hotel from the airport, what kind of round trip is that!? But we were tired and happy to come to the hotel.

The staff in the reception at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel was very professional. And nice.

We got the keys to the suite on the 68th floor, a suite big enough for a football team I think ? And she helped us check the depart from the hotel tomorrow, to go to Lomphrayay ferries office for the next part of our journey.

Before we sent out for exploring Bangkok, we took a shower and rested a little while.

Then we went to the BTS Skytrain, and after some changes we arrived to Sappan Taksin station, and went to a water taxi and a ferry across the river, to get to Wat Arun, one of Bangkoks famous temples. We thought we were much choser then we were, and a little confused we took a TocToc and the driver dropped us off much closer ? There we walked around, it was very beautiful.

Then the plan was to go back across the river on a ferry and get to Wat Pho, another beautiful temple. But it took a while to find the right ferry and we was very tired. So didn’t went in to Wat Pho, we just saw a glimpse from the outside. And then we became very very hungry! Bea didn’t liked the Idea to bry something from the street, so we tried to find the restaurant that we were suggested from Emelie, who lives and works in Bangkok. The restaurant was full booked, but the closest restaurant let us in and then IT was time for some dinner! We sat outside watching the sun go down behind the clouds. It was exciting to watch the acitivity with all those boats, on the river.

Now the temperature at last became a little lower but it was still very hot. We were not yet acclimatized!!! Instead of taking the same way back, we choosed a TocToc onde again, despite all the exhausts… But it’s a fun experience!

Back again at the hotel, we rested a while. Then we went to The view point floore, 83th, and I took some pics there. And in the bar the hotel invited us for a welcomedrink! CHeers, Thailand and Bangkok!

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