Day 3, 10th April

Sunday. It was really nice to get a nice sleep! We nearly overslept… So we need tu hurry for breakfast. It’s always exciting to see what that will be like. And this became a very good surprise! It was more like a very big lunchbuffet. Different ”corners” – Japanese food, yogurt corner, bread corner, fruit corner, Thai corner, seafood corner… And so on. Wow. They fried the eggs while you asked for them! They made all food like that, you asked for it and then they made it. Nice! So, it was really your own problem if you walked from there like hungry!

After that great breakfast we went down to the street and asked for a TucTuc to the big Chatuchak market. It’s exciting with those TucTucs. As a Swedish it’s always surprising with the traffic situation and how they do. A TucTuc is mostly a moped, on three wheels. And this one, was souped-up. The driver speeded it up in at least 100km/hours. It wasn’t nice at all with the exhausts, but you could feel the air in your hair and everything gets closer so it’s worth it anyway!

If you take Kvibergs market in Gothenburg, thousand times or something. Then you have Chatuchak. It’s one of the worlds biggest markets!

It was hot. Not just hot. Very very VERY hot! HOT !!! It was like walking around in a sauna, actually. The air was still. Totally still. It’s difficult to understand who the people that worked there, made it day in and day out. And we couldn’t understand at all, people walking around in jeans and long arms sweaters. After a short while you felt very dirty. And the sweat dropped and dripped. Hehe.

Anyhow, it was an exciting experience and we shopped trousers and shirts and shorts and shawls. Everything for about 3-400 Swedish crowns. Nice! And, some water. Several times, water. And some fruit and meat.

When we were tired of the heat, we took a TucTuc to MacDonalds in Bangkok city. We thought that they maybe should have some vegetarian option, but they only had some salad. So we walked in in the big shopping centre, it was like NK in Stockholm. And there were lot’s of restaurants! So we just choosed one.

After that, it was time to go back to Baiyoke Hotel and pick up our luggage. It would had been very nice with a shower… but, no. We took our luggage and went down to the street for a taxi, this time. And gave the driver the note that the nice girl in the reception wrote for us, how to go to Lomphraya ferry office. Unfortunately it was the first time for this driver, to find that place. So it took a while. When we came there, it was kind of chaos. Hundreds of people, waiting for buses to go to Kho Tao and the other islands around. All the people were waiting in the middle of the big street, and before you could sat down on the ground you had to find the office. So I left Bea with our backpacks, and walked away to find the office. I think it must have been one the most popular streets in Bangkok, thinking of the activity there and all the people. Wow. At last I found the office, checked in and got the tickets, and some stickers they wanted us to put on our t-shirts. We got yellow numbers for the seats in the bus. Around us there were blue, orange, greens and so on. Smart. So we waited for the bus with yellow numbers.

It took a while. Before the bus arrived and picked us up. A double decker. On the upper floor at the back of the bus, there were our seats. And we were lucky this time too, as on the aircraft – we had five seats this time! The three in the middle wasn’t able to put back, so that can be the reason. After we had left Bangkok, one of the drivers handed out blankets for everyone. Nice!

So, then we left Bangkok! 21:30.

The road wasn’t the best. The driver was maybe not the best… And maybe it wasn’t the best to sit at the back of the bus… Bumpy.

In the middle of the night, we stopped for a short break.

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